Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging is an indispensable specialty that provides essential information in the care of patients. Diagnostic Imagers often complete clinical internships prior to their diagnostic radiology residencies. This clinical training and experience provides the radiologist with a valuable perspective as a consultant, helping referring physicians integrate advanced imaging into the diagnosis and treatment of their patients.  Many Diagnostic Imagers pursue further subspecialty fellowship training to hone their skills in areas of particular interest or need.  The Diagnostic Imager is facile with a broad range of sophisticated imaging techniques, ranging from X-ray and fluoroscopy to MRI and CT scanning.   Their clinical experience with patient care and disease states, combined with advanced knowledge of sophisticated imaging modalities, equips the Diagnostic Imager to be an invaluable resource in modern medical care.

RSN diagnostic imagers are:  Ronald Divine, Stacy Yamasaki and Matthew Orth.