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RSN recently transitioned to sending text and email statements in addition to paper for patient balances. If you have questions, please call: (503) 961-9199

Radiology Specialists
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Portland area patients and their physicians have many choices when it comes to medical imaging. But time and again, over 650 area physicians in nearly every specialty choose RSN for our subspecialized knowledge, training, and experience for accurate, timely, and individualized diagnostic and interventional medical imaging care.

We strive to constantly improve our knowledge base, systems, and processes to serve our community, and partner with patients and the medical community in our commitment to service, innovation, quality, and collaboration.

RSN has established itself as the radiology backbone for the Portland medical community since its inception. Clearly, RSN is the right choice for Portland patients’ good health.

What is a Radiologist?

A radiologist is a medical doctor who is trained to interpret medical images for the purpose of diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries.

All radiologists “read” studies that are considered General or Diagnostic. Many specialize in a specific type of radiology, also known as a Subspecialty. 

These subspecialties lead to radiologists taking on additional roles like that of an Interventional Radiologist who performs minimally invasive procedures, or a Radiologist trained in Nuclear Medicine and Oncology who is a cancer expert.

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Our doctors have extensive experience in radiology imaging and other technologies that are needed to properly diagnose a patient. To learn more about the services provided, please click on the links below.