Women’s imaging

“We are devoted to the diagnostics and treatment of diseases and conditions unique to women. Our goal is to provide each patient with an exceptional imaging exam with state-of-the-art technology in a relaxed, comfortable environment,” says Michael Neuman, MD, Women’s Imaging specialist and is fellowship-trained in CT, ultrasound and MRI. “We provide excellent comprehensive breast imaging, including digital mammography, breast ultrasound and breast biopsy. One of our goals was to decrease the time needed for diagnosing breast cancer. We achieved this goal by having patients return for their diagnostic mammogram within two days of an abnormal screening mammogram, and we make every attempt to perform a breast biopsy on the same day as the initial diagnostic work-up. This has successfully reduced the time from screening mammogram to biopsy from seven days to within three days or less,” adds Dr. Neuman.

RSN can accommodate our referring surgeons who want to see their patients on the same day as their mammograms. We interpret their patient’s mammogram immediately after completion and use voice-recognition software to provide them with a complete report before they see their patient.

Dr. Michael Neuman, Dr. Deborah ArnoldDr. J. Carmen Timberlake and Dr. Richard Vigran make up the team of radiology specialists for Women’s Imaging.

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